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Aerial View of Lake

An Eco-Friendly Retreat


The Property

Sainte-Marguerite's historic offering is undeniably rare, so it was important to preserve its rich historical elements while transforming the property. The core focus has been on preserving the history of the buildings, whilst also adopting modern-day luxuries. Original features were restored and every aspect of the design was thoughtfully curated with a focus on sustainability and natural materials. Seamless indoor-outdoor living defines Le Grand Jardin, so it was important to integrate sensors for lights and heating, to ensure optimal energy consumption.

The Gardens

As expected from its name, horticulture is at the heart of Le Grand Jardin. Dating back to the 13th century, the botanical gardens are a defining part of the estate. By using the original historic drawings, it was possible to identify the different plant and tree species that were once in the garden, as well as the landscape of the area, so that the estate could be returned to its previous grandeur. The gardens continue to be enriched year after year; this summer 187 new citrus and fruit trees will be planted, as well as 50 Irises.

Image by Margherita Turrin

Farm to Table

Taking the “farm-to-table” ethos to another level, the estate benefits from its own vegetable garden, growing vegetables and herbs for the property’s kitchen. Alongside this, the chef can work with local producers to integrate local culture and the ingredients into the guests' gourmet experiences. Creating a more sustainable food system means that the environmental impacts are minimised whilst also supporting the local areas. 


Le Grand Jardin Cannes is a 12-bedroom estate, available for weekly rentals. Please note that this property can only be rented exclusively and not per room.

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